St. Georges Day Beef Wellington
Happy St. Georges Day from the Dovecote Park team!

To celebrate the day, why not treat the family to a quintessentially English beef dish - Beef Wellington made with one of our fillets - available by order or over the service counter. Try serving with creamed potatoes, roasted parsnips and a glass of the red wine used in the gravy!

Irish Beef Stew
'Sásta lá St Patrick Ar' - or Happy St Patrick's Day from the team here at Dovecote Park! Traditionally made with mutton, our twist on the traditional Irish stew sees the dish made instead with our Essential diced steak - or for a really special experience, try it with our 30 day dry aged Hereford diced beef. Serve in the proper Gaelic manner, with champ potatoes, soda bread - and a pint of Guinness! 

Beef Pancake Day!
In honour of Pancake Day this Tuesday, our development chef has crafted a beef dish especially for the occasion - slow cooked brisket in a Chinese marinade, rolled up in spring onion pancakes and served with a hoisin dripping sauce. Makes 4 rolls.

Veal Blanquette
Veal Blanquette is a traditional French stew, a rich and warming dish which is ideal for a cold winter night. The veal is not browned before cooking and thus remains white – ‘Blanquette’ . Paired with a creamy sauce, this a great way to cook a more delicate meat like veal. Try serving in the traditional French manner with a 'white' accompaniment such as rice a la creole or fresh pasta.

Braised Beef Shin
Place the beef shins into a large bowl with the red wine, cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for 24-48 hours...

Festive Mulled Fillet of Beef
Merry Christmas from all of us here at Dovecote Park! To mark the festive season, our development chef, Darren, has crafted a superb Yuletide treat of tender beef fillet marinated in home-made mulled wine and served with Pommes Bryon.

Venison Rack
Preheat the oven to 200C/Gas 6. With a very sharp knife, score the outer surface of the venison meat very lightly to hold the herb crust...

Winter Warmer: Braised Ox-tail Bourguignon
With the cold weather quickly approaching why not try a hearty winter warmer in the shape of a braised oxtail bourguignon, specially crafted by our development chef Darren, here at Dovecote Park... 

Roast Jubilee Wing Rib
Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F/Gas 6). Rub the beef with olive oil, and season with salt and black pepper...

Brazilian Picanha Beef
Picanha (pronounced pee-Con-ya) has become one of the most popular dishes at Brazilian BBQ restaurants, called Churrascarias...

Roasted Stuffed Veal Rib
Place in a roasting pan on a rack and rub with salt and pepper. Pour enough cold water into the pan to cover the base...

How to cook the perfect steak
Our steaks can be served in an infinite variety of ways – for one classic serving suggestion, why not try Steak Garni – garnished with mushrooms and tomatoes, with a side of homemade chunky chips.  

International Waffle Day - Braised Bourbon Short Rib on Waffles
March 25th marks International Waffle Day - a day with its origins in Nordic cultures and now celebrated across the globe. Our team have crafted a savoury twist on this much-loved foodstuff - our Braised Short Ribs with Bourbon on Veal-Fat Waffles.