Dovecote Park is proud to supply the very finest British beef, veal and venison to Waitrose supermarkets nationwide. Sourcing directly from the Dovecote Park/Waitrose producer group, the company prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry.
Dovecote Park was honoured to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Charles to the Stapleton plant, where he was given an extensive tour of the facilities, before unveiling a plaque to commemorate his visit.

Dovecote Park’s main site sits on 17 acres of land which was once part of the sprawling grounds of Stapleton Estate.  The site was purchased by the Broadbent family in 1963 as a traditional farm.  In 1976, over a 2 year period, it was converted into an abattoir, whilst the family continued farming cattle. 

One of the oldest traditions around – butchery. Here at Dovecote Park we like to keep it that way, using traditional hand butchery and good old fashion knife skills where possible in order to ensure that each piece of beef gets the right treatment.

Animal welfare is of the utmost importance here at Dovecote Park, with every possible step taken to ensure every animal that passes through our procurement process is comfortable, properly fed and free from stress.

Dovecote Park are committed to sustaining a fair and open relationship with our producers. Our livestock team routinely visit farms in person to select the cattle and communicate directly with our farmers, whilst Dovecote Park often host events at our sites and on our farms in order for our producers to share best practice and socialise with each other and the Dovecote Park team.