Dovecote Park has a very unique and truly sustainable business model.  We buy from a dedicated supply chain of approximately 900 farms, all of whom have to be a member of the ‘Dovecote Park Beef Supplier Scheme’.  The scheme places the highest possible importance on welfare and quality standards.  All of the specifically chosen cattle are then slaughtered at one of our two abattoirs in either Stapleton or Skellingthorpe, then all carcasses are processed through the state of the art retail packaging facility in Stapleton.  As the sole beef supplier to Waitrose the finished product are then delivered directly to store.

For a meat processing company and a supermarket to have a ‘one-stop’ processing chain from farm to shop is very unique, thus Dovecote Park is able to claim one of the shortest supply chains for beef to a supermarket in the UK.  This supply
chain ensures the ‘Championing of British beef’, this support of British agriculture is one of the main principals that underpins the commitment of Dovecote Park to a sustainable supply chain. This is further intensified by the on-going relationship that Dovecote Park forges with its suppliers – it is a two way collaboration between us and the farmer.  This mutually beneficial relationship of a guaranteed supplier and buyer means that the longevity and sustainability of the supply chain is maintained.

The condensed nature of the beef supply chain for Dovecote Park means that there is the highest level of traceability for all of our products.  We pride ourselves on the fact that as a company we are able to and have always been able to provide the customers with in-depth detail of where the product they are eating has specifically come from.  With recent industry
scares this has always been and remains one of Dovecote Park’s highest priorities to provide top quality produce from reliable sources. 

With all of our beef being British born, raised and slaughtered our customers can be safe in the knowledge that their beef has had the best ‘Quality of Life’ and highest welfare standards possible, proven by the fact that all of our farms are members of the Red Tractor food Assurance scheme and also Freedom Foods Animal Welfare Accreditation Scheme.  Dovecote Park has always placed stringent policies on our providers to ensure that all cattle are kept in welfare conditions above and beyond those stipulated through governing bodies such as DEFRA. This extra care coupled with the cattle we slaughter being handpicked by our livestock staff ensures that the quality of meat provided to you the customer, is of the highest standard whilst being a sustainably sound option.