How to cook the perfect steak
Consider which cut to use. 

Filet, cut from the tenderloin, will provide you with a wonderfully tender bite, but due to the low fat content, is slightly less flavoursome than other steaks.
Our sandwich steaks are a great cheaper option, but must be cooked very quickly.

Rump has an excellent flavour – but is a slightly tougher cut, due to the muscles having been worked more, and needs a slightly longer cook.

Sirloin is a great all-rounder with a tender texture and solid distribution of fat.

Rib-eye is often considered to have the best flavour due to its fat content, and is exceptionally tender due to being cut from the lightly worked rib-section, but it can be too fatty for some consumers. 

Try out a few different cuts in order to decide your favourite!

Look at your steaks before buying. A good steak will be a deep red colour, with creamy white fat. Check for marbling – a great quality cut will have streaks of white fat throughout.  If you are buying over the service counter, talk to the butchers, and ask them for recommendations. For a truly special dining experience, try one of our dry-aged steaks – these come from cuts which have been aged for longer, allowing the meat to tenderise and the flavour to intensify. 

Season your steaks well with salt before cooking – this will help bring out the flavour. Avoid pepper as it tends to burn in the pan.

Don’t cook them right out of the fridge – leave them out for a couple of hours before they are cooked – this will allow the steaks to cook more evenly. 

Pan-frying rather than grilling steaks will generally yield a better result. Make sure the pan is very hot before placing the steaks in. Clarified butter is an excellent fat to cook steaks with.

Keep rotating the steaks while cooking them – this will allow for a more even distribution of heat.

How you like your steak is up to you – below is a guide  

Blue: Seared on the outside, completely cool and red throughout.
Rare: Seared on the outside, warm, mostly red throughout.
Medium Rare: seared on the outside, pink with a red centre.
Medium: Seared on the outside, pink throughout.
Medium Well: Brown throughout with a hint of pink in the centre.
Well done: Brown throughout.