Our Organic beef is available at Waitrose stores both on the shelves and at the service counter, and offers consumers an alternative beef choice, which complies with organic regulations whilst maintaining Dovecote’s universal welfare and quality standards. Like our British range, Organic beef is not breed specific, and is sourced from a variety of beef cattle breeds farmed by our producer group.

In addition to complying with the strict age, welfare and nutrition regulations we place on all our farmers, organic producers must also be registered with an approved organic body – such as the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers, or a regional body such as the Scottish Organic Producers Association – all of which implement the Organic Products Regulations 2004 through the Compendium of UK Organic Standards.

All Organic cattle which come to Dovecote Park must have been fed on a 75% forage diet which is entirely organic and 100% GM free, with any purchased feeds having come from a UKASTA registered source.