Dovecote Park started our Hereford Beef Scheme for Waitrose in 1998 and sales have since increased significantly year on year. Our Hereford range is mostly sold in pre-packaged form on the shelf, and is the next tier up in offering the consumer a native breed product choice. All Hereford cattle entering the scheme must be sired by a pedigree Hereford bull that has been registered with the Hereford Cattle Society.

The Hereford breed is one of Britain’s oldest and finest native beef breeds, dating back to the 18th century, and is one of the cornerstones of the UK beef industry.

Hereford cattle are renowned amongst farmers for their docile and relaxed temperament, making them easy to handle and look after - this coupled with their natural ease of calving makes them a reliable and popular choice amongst beef farmers throughout the country.

Naturally suited to a forage based diet, their ability to be finished on grass while procuring excellent beef makes them an economically beneficial breed which yields better returns. They are also prolific breeders, with bulls and breeding cows possessing a great longevity, producing calves for longer than many other breeds, which further increases their profitability. 

Hereford beef holds an excellent reputation in the market owing to its increased levels of 'marbling' throughout the meat - this fat renders when cooked, ensuring the beef stays succulent, tender and tasty.

This superb beef, combined with the prestige of this historic British breed, ensures a high demand for Hereford product both in the United Kingdom and on the international market, with herds appearing in more than 50 countries.