Aberdeen Angus

For over twenty years, Dovecote Park have been the pioneers of Aberdeen Angus beef. Within Waitrose stores, our Angus beef is mainly sold at the service counter, with some pre-packaged available on shelf as well. All our Aberdeen Angus beef comes from cattle sired by a pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull, registered with the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society. They must be of British origin - meaning they are have been born and reared on a British farm.

Our British beef scheme supplies Waitrose with its ‘essential’ range of beef, which includes steaks, joints, meatballs and burgers. 

The Hereford Beef Scheme at Waitrose started in 1998 and sales have since increased significantly year on year. Our Hereford range is mostly sold in pre-packed form and is the next tier up in offering the consumer a native breed product choice. All Hereford cattle entering the scheme must be sired by a pedigree Hereford bull that is registered with the Hereford Cattle Society.

Our Highland scheme is a specialist range, available specifically for the Christmas season at Waitrose.
The Highland breed has grazed the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles for over 1500 years and has a long and distinguished ancestry.  They are one of the British Isles’ oldest and most distinctive cattle breeds, easily recognisable due to their thick flowing coat and sweeping horns. 

Welsh Black
Our Welsh Black Scheme was set up in 2009, in order to provide Waitrose stores in Wales with a native product for the service counter.

West Country
Our West Country range was launched in 2011 and after a successful trial period, rolled out to selected Waitrose stores within the West Country region, where it is now available over the service counters, offering customers a specialised, regional product choice. West Country beef is sourced from Devon and South Devon cattle, which have been sired by pedigree bulls and registered with the official breed society.

Our Organic beef is available at Waitrose stores both on the shelves and at the service counter, and offers consumers an alternative beef choice, which complies with organic regulations whilst maintaining Dovecote’s universal welfare and quality standards. Like our British range, Organic beef is not breed specific, and is sourced from a variety of beef cattle breeds farmed by our producer group.